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Why Are You Wanting To Move?
To help you achieve your goals in relation to buying a home we need to ask you some questions that will help us to understand how we can serve you best. Tell us, what is the primary reason you are interested in finding a new home?
School Requirements
Do you have any special school requirements?
Home Specifications
Approx. how many square feet are you looking for in a home?:
Number of bedrooms:
Number of bathrooms:
Yard Size:
Price Considerations
What is the price range you would like to stay within? Lower:
What is the minimum price you must pay to avoid capital gains taxes on your last home?
What is the absolutely highest you would consider spending if you found the perfect house?
Amenity Preference Ratings
Please rate from 1 (least important) to 10 (most important)
the importance of each feature that you would like in a home.
Entertainment Area:
Family Room:
Carpet Color:
Open Feeling:
Family Neighborhood:
Single Story:
Double Story:
Dining Room:
Close to Schools:
Close to Work:
Closet Space:
Modern Kitchen:
Large Yard:
Low Maintenance Yard:
BBQ Area:
Nice View:
Close to Shopping:
Other Features?
Is there a special feature or features we have not mentioned that is important to you?
What's Your Ideal Home?
What we would like you to do now is describe what you would consider an ideal home for you. Tell me about the floor plan, decor, yard, etc.
Your New Lifestyle!
Tell us about your lifestyle. What do you see yourself doing in your new home? (Entertaining, relaxing, raising a family...)
Areas of Interest
Are there any specific geographic areas you have in mind that you would like to look at?

What attracted you to these area(s)?
Key Purchasing Factors
What do you feel will be the key factors in your purchasing decision? (Price, terms, locations, etc.)
Moving Time Frame
What time frame do you have in mind for moving?
What will you do if you do not find a home in that time frame?
Selling A Home?
Do you need to sell another home before moving? YES NO
Is that home currently listed for sale? YES NO
If YES, how much is it listed for?
Agent that you listed with:
Listing Agent's Phone Number:
How long has it been on the market?
Communication = Solving Problems!

Our goal is to help make buying your home a positive experience.

That way the little problems that naturally come up in buying a home can be handled easily and without stress. Is there anything that you would like to tell us that you feel might be helpful in our working together?

To do that we need open communication between us.
Who will be the Main Contact? Spouse #1 (Primary)
Spouse #2 (Secondary)
When is the best time for us to call you?
When is the best day/time for you to look at property?
Important Questions
Do you understand how the real estate MLS (Multiple Listing Service) works? YES NO
Do you understand how an agent that finds you a home gets paid? YES NO
After we have shown you a number of homes that are close, but not quite the one you are looking for, and you walk into an Open House being held by another agent and say to yourself "This is the home I want," what would you do? Select one:
a. Ask the agent at the open house to write up the offer.
b. Call and ask us to write up an offer on the home.
Are you willing to commit to working
with only with me to help you find a home?
Contact #1 Gross Monthly Income:
Contact #2 Gross Monthly Income:
Other sources of income (explain):
Down Payment
How much money do you have
available for a down payment?
Where is the money coming from?
Your Financial Knowledge
Do you understand: How financing a home works? YES NO
Do you understand: Closing Costs? YES NO
Do you understand: Loan Origination Fees? YES NO
Do you understand: Title Insurance YES NO
If you would like information on theseor any other real estate transactions, please list the subjects you would like sent to you.
Financing Methods
Fixed Rate:
Variable Rate:
Zero Down:
Do you have financing available through work, family or other means?
Would you like me to recommend a mortgage representative that could prequalify you and go over with you exactly what is needed to get the best rates and terms to prequalifiy for a loan? YES NO
When would be a good time for a loan represenative to call you?
Current Debt
Car 1 Monthly Pmt.
Car 2 Monthly Pmt
Credit Card 1 Monthly Pmt
Credit Card 2 Monthly Pmt
Credit Card 3 Monthly Pmt
Credit Card 4 Monthly Pmt
Insurance Monthly Pmt
Boat Monthly Pmt
Investments Monthly Pmt
Child Support Monthly Pmt
Alimony Monthly Pmt
Other Monthly Pmt
Other Monthly Pmt
Other Monthly Pmt
Do you have any other major financial obligations that could have a bearing on the purchase of a home?

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